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Reinstator device trenchless sewer repair Seattle

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Not all sewer lines need to be completely excavated to be replaced due to root infiltration, cracks, holes or other problems.  Most pipes can be relined by excavating one or two small holes to gain access to the section of pipe that is getting relined.  Relining the defective pipe sections from an open hole is not only more cost effective, but it is also less invasive than old traditional trenching.  We have the latest Permaliner* equipment for installing Cure in Place-Pipelining (CIPP) and we are certified in the Permaliner installation techniques.  Call us with your questions at 206-903-8050.

What is a Side Sewer Contractor?

Taken from the city of website, "You need to be a Registered Side Sewer Contractor (RSSC) to repair or construct a side sewer in the public right-of-way. You do not need to become an RSSC if you are only working on private property." We are RSSC compliant contractors who have experience and expertise to do any residential side sewer job.

How long does it take?

Each job is different so repair times can vary from one day to one week.  However, the trenchless method of relining side sewers is less invasive and repair times are usually shorter.  On most sewer repairs the water cannot be used for about 3-8 hours during the day.



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